Myth or fact?

Essentially, leasing or buying a car from a dealership is pretty similar to purchasing any product from any establishment – if no one else is interested; the product is more likely to go on sale. If the store is busier than ever; the product will more likely than not be more expensive because it is then deemed more valuable. Think back to basic economics: supply and demand. So, in short, the best time to lease a car is when no one else is looking to lease a car. Keep in mind though, dealers aren’t just going to give you the best car lease deals just because they’re willing to sell it for that price. You still have to put in the work and do the necessary research to know what your car is worth at the particular time you’re looking to lease.

So lay it on us – what are the best times to lease?

Keep in mind that any day you feel like you don’t particularly want to go to the dealership is probably a day most people don’t want to – which is the same day you absolutely should. Best dealership days are rainy, cold, snowy, national holidays, or anything else you can think of that would deter a person from going out and getting those cars.


Keep in mind, many things may affect whether or not you’re going to get a good deal regardless of timing.


If you’re interested in a car that is notoriously expensive and high in demand, you’re probably going to have to pay a large sum regardless of what time of year you go.


While there really is no fool-proofbest month to lease a car, there are best times of month to lease. If your dealer happens to be nearing the end of his monthly quota and you show up on the last day of the month toward the end of the day, chances are he’s going to give you a deal in order to raise his own profits. However, it becomes virtually impossible to figure out whether a dealer is nearing his quota or not, so this really isn’t a reliable way to get a good deal.


Also, if you’re cool with leasing last year’s model just as this year’s model is about to arrive, chances are you’re going to get a good deal as well because dealerships are going to be trying to get rid of existing inventory during this time of year. This generally happens around December, but keep in mind this does not make December the absolute best month to lease a car – it just circumstantially happens to be around the time dealerships get rid of old inventory. Keep in mind, you’re settling for old inventory here: and beggars can’t be choosers.  You’re going to be getting whatever color/trim/package they have available in inventory – but as long as you’re not picky this shouldn’t be a problem.


Additionally, the best time to lease a car is when manufacturers are promoting rebates. Rebates vary month to month so make sure you do your research and ask around for when these rebates are available, because more often than not these rebates are going to get you a better price than any negotiation ever will.