Ah, the great Northeastern coast of ‘merica. We have some of the greatest cities in the world, the best pizza outside of Italy, great mountains for skiing, and, perhaps less boastfully, some of the worst driving conditions 4 months out of the calendar year. While the inevitable snowfall come wintertime definitely makes for a beautiful holiday season, it can also make for some of the most frustrating (and downright scary) road conditions life can offer. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cars for snow and ice driving you can lease.

$195-$300 per month

Kia Sorento AWD



This model first introduced in 2017 is now the fourth of its generation. It boasts a smooth ride, large seating areas in the front and back seat, and has a up-to-date aesthetic dashboard. This car will probably be the best bang for your buck – it is packed with safety features and has great warranty coverage. It’s also pretty small in size to make for a more compact aesthetic. This car is also super comfortable and makes for a quiet drive.


Overall rating: 8.5/10


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Nissan Rogue S AWD



This car’s best features are its level of comfort, wide range of safety features that come with the standard model, and its large trunk. This compact SUV also features easy access to controls, high quality interior materials, and a touchscreen display.


Overall rating: 7.5/10


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Mazda CX-5 AWD



This car has an extremely smooth drive as well as a quiet engine and an upscale cabin and dashboard aesthetically. The climate control system particularly makes this car a comfortable drive. This car also went all out for its tech, with sporadic USB ports throughout the interior, a wide touchscreen with a user-friendly interface, and loads of safety features. It terms of its drive: it has a smooth brake, sharp and responsive handling to make for a smooth drive even in sharp turns, and boasts excellent visibility from the drivers seat.


Overall rating: 9/10


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$350-450 per month

Volkswagen Atlas AWD



One of the biggest things that sets this 3 row-ed car apart is the roominess available in each of the rows. No matter where a passenger in seated in this car, they can be sure to experience premium comfort. Super easy to use cabin and interface, as well as a high quality interior. in terms of the drive, this car has managed to find the precise middle ground between an accurate and communicative handle while also maintaining a smooth every-day drive.


Overall rating: 7.8/10


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Infiniti Q50 AWD


The Infiniti Q50 is a super reliable car since its introduction to the market in 2014 and the 2019 model is no different. This car comes with a slew of safety features in its standard package as well as a notably roomy trunk. The cabin controls are extremely intuitive and the roominess of the front seat allows for the driver to get into and out of the car with ease. This car also excels in its sound quality. In terms of the drive, this car does have a subdued tremor to it but the drive is by no means harsh at all.


Overall rating: 9/10


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Toyota Highlander AWD


This car comes with a lot of safety features standard including forward collision warning, automatic brake, steering assistance, and automatic high beams. It has a strong engine while maintaining a healthy fuel economy and also boasts a very comfortable ride.