Regardless of what you celebrated this December, every nationality, religion, and denomination is coming down from the holiday high and change is in the air (change, and the unmistakable feeling that literal frostbite has become airborne in the below freezing January temperatures. Yikes.)

Everyone is creating their new years resolutions and among weight loss and healthy mental habits, car maintenance should be up there! Hear me out – obviously being a better person is of significant importance (one may even venture to say of more importance than keeping a car maintained), BUT, this is something that is a simple yet effective goal to work towards.

Plus, your car plays a bigger role in your life than you might think. What gets your kids to school on time? What gets you to work on time? What is always there for you when you’re in the mood for a late night snack? As Joni Mitchell (and later The Counting Crows) once said, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” Know what you got, ladies and gentlemen, and take care of it! Without further ado, here are some new years resolutions to show the one that’s been with you through thick and thin some love this holiday season.

The inside is just as important as the outside

Nothing is worse than picking up a date (or anyone for that matter) in a dirty car. No one will say anything but everyone will be thinking it, “If this is what his car looks like then what does his LIFE look like?” You know what we mean.

Just dedicate one afternoon to vacuuming out the mats and wiping down the dashboard. Then, keep a bunch of plastic bags in your glove compartment for quick garbage control and maintenance.

Keep the fluids flowing

Okay, we lied – we found something worse than picking up a date in a dirty car: picking up a date in a dirty car, turning on your wiper fluid and clean your windshield, only to discover that you accidentally put motor oil where your wiper fluid should be. What follows isn’t pretty.

SO, make sure your coolant is topped off, your wiper fluid is filled in the right place, and your oil is nice and new.

Keeping your fluids clean and in place can help you have your car in working condition for longer, in addition to not potentially murdering a date.

Schedule at least 1-2 service appointments

Give your car a little check up, because you’re probably not the only one letting the cold weather get the best of you. Respect your car and schedule routine maintenance for it.

It’ll not only keep your car in tip-top shape, but it’ll also alert you of any potential issues before they become actual issues.

Don’t ignore symptoms

Ever hear a weird soft sound in the background while driving your car? Ever do something about it? Yeah, we thought so. That sound could mean a potential disaster ahead – so be more proactive about doing something about it this year!

Be more alert about your car’s suspicious behavior and take care of it, it could mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future repairs.


This new year, make sure the changes in your life reflect the things most important – your family, your friends, yourSELF… and your ride.

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