Follow the path less travelled…in a timely fashion

The easiest answer for when is the best time to do anything, really, including leasing a car, is when everyone else is not doing that thing (AKA, leasing a car). When dealerships see that there is less demand for cars, they offer better deals. Keep in mind, even though a good deal may be available, the dealer might not be offering it – so make sure to ask for what you want.

So which fashion is the timeliest to travel the path in question?

In other words, when IS the best time to lease? Think of all the time you don’t want to leave your house. Those are precisely all the times it’s best to lease a car:

  • When it’s raining
  • When it’s cold
  • When it’s snowing
  • When it’s a holiday
  • When there’s literally anything going on that would make you not want to lease a car

Additionally, the best time to lease a car also has to do with the dealership you’re going to:

  • When it’s late in the day
  • When it’s the end of the month
  • When it’s the end of the quarter (March, June, September, December)
  • When it’s the end of the year
  • August (no real reason for this, it’s just what we’ve seen)
  • When a dealer is at the end of his quota (dealers will often get big bonuses for leasing a certain amount of cars by a certain deadline). There’s really no way for consumers to know whether or not a dealer is nearing the end of his quote (although if you pay close enough attention you’d just be able to make out a maniac look in their eyes and the unmistakable feeling that you’re being treated like a dollar sign).

Are these guaranteed best deal times always and forever?

Not necessarily. If you’re looking for a specialty car or a car that happens to be in high demand, it won’t really matter when you’re going to go to the dealership, but it’ll give you a better chance for sure.

Also, if you’re looking to lease a car that is low in demand and that the dealer has a large inventory for, it won’t really matter when you try to lease that car because you will always get a good deal for it.

Any other tips?

Generally speaking, if you’re not too picky about having the latest model, getting last years model just as new models are coming in is a good way to get a cheap lease.


Timing is everything.

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