I need a car but I definitely don’t need any long-term commitments – what do I do?

We’re glad you asked! While car dealerships usually only offer 24-42 month leases, there are a couple ways around it to get a low-commitment car for a short amount of time.

So, what are the work-arounds?

You could potentially get a rental car with extended terms. Rental companies will generally let you choose your terms from a pretty wide range – from one day to a couple months. The problem is that as the term gets longer, the rates can get pretty expensive. The best option here is to rent from smaller rental companies, as opposed to national corporate companies. Fight the power.

Uh, hello, I said I wanted a short-term lease, not a long-term rental. Are you even listening?

Alright, attitude much? We got you, though. There are also lease assumptions that work pretty well if you’re looking for a lease under a year. These range anywhere from 1 month on.

Basically, the way lease assumption works is that someone who has entered into a leasing contract decides that he actually doesn’t want to lease that car anymore for whatever reason. He then finds someone else to take over the remaining months of his lease, allowing the next person to lease the car for a shorter amount of time and getting the first guy out of his contract.

These are cool because instead of having to negotiate a price, deal with an annoying sales guy, or have to physically take time off to go to a dealership, you just take over someone else’s existing lease that they want out of early. These are also a good way to get out of paying costs due-at-signing such as DMV and Bank fees. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, people who are trying to get out of a lease early are so eager to find someone to take over their lease that they’ll even offer cash incentives to get you to want to take their car and pay off the rest of their lease.

How does this work?

It’s pretty simple. The initial leaser’s leasing company will make all the necessary contract changes – it typically doesn’t take that long and is around a $100 fee.

At the end of the lease, the new leaser is responsible for returning the vehicle to the leasing company. Keep in mind, the new leaser is also responsible for any excessive mileage charges or damage to the car – so make sure the car has a reasonable amount of miles on it when you decide to take it over.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I get started?

There are a couple sites you an visit that specialize in lease assumption that have hundreds of leasers trying to get out of their lease. One of our favorites is swapalease.com. They show you images of the car, the monthly mileage that you can drive on it and stay within the contract, and the monthly payment offered. Carvoy also provides a service to allow for lease transfers. Check it out here.


If you’re looking to lease a car and aren’t the commitment type, you have options.

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