Of course, the beginning of any car buying experience starts with the manufacturing of the actual car. For the serious gearheads out there its worth researching where your vehicle is being manufactured to see the pro and cons of that particular company.


Once the vehicle is manufactured, it is purchased by a dealership. The dealer itself does not determine whether the car is leased or not. Cars are bought directly by the leasing company from the dealership.

Leasing Company

The company pays the full price for the vehicle from the dealership. They now have a debt on their books for purchasing the car, this is why they do as much as they can to profit off the time the car is leased. Their goal is also to make sure the car stays in the best condition possible so they can lease it longer. Even though the Leasing Company owns the car, all transactions still go through the dealership themselves.


You are the one who picks up the car from the dealership, pays the monthly lease, and ultimately returns the car to the dealership.

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