Car manufacturers offer tons of incentives on cars all the time in order to compete for your business. Sometimes these incentives come in the form of monthly rebates. Sometimes, you can qualify for certain incentives by leasing with a competing company or staying within the same company. If you stay within the same company, you can qualify for a loyalty program. But what if you want to stay within the same company but also get out of your lease early? Introducing Pull Ahead Programs (essentially loyalty programs on steroids). With Pull Ahead Programs, companies will actually let you trade in your car for as early as 6 months before your lease expires if you lease within the same brand. Sometimes, they may even let you have the loyalty incentive anyway! It’s pretty cool and definitely something to look into, as a lot of hot brands offer this incentive for their consumers.


Nissan’s Pull Ahead Program is super beneficial because not only does it waive the last two payments of your lease, but it also offers to waive up to $500 on damages to the vehicle. Plus, it’s offering up to $4000 in additional lease loyalty rebates on select Nissan vehicles! Insane, we know.


While Audi’s Pull Ahead Program doesn’t cover damages, it is offering to waive the last 4 months of your lease payments to get you into a new Audi way sooner than you thought!


Lexus’ Pull Ahead Program offers to waive the last 6 months of your lease in return for your loyalty.


Mercedes is notorious for its monthly incentives and rebates, and its Pull Ahead Program is no exception. Mercedes is offering to waive the last 5 months of your lease if you lease within Mercedes for your next car.


BMW recently launched a super aggressive Pull Ahead waiving 3-5 months of payments, just to lease you a new car with them. Additionally, if you’re currently leasing a 5-series with BMW, they’re offering $2000 towards getting you into a brand new 5-series!


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