You, much like everyone else in the market, are out for the best lease deal you can get. But you, unlike everyone else in the market, might be able to qualify for certain leasing discounts that other people wouldn’t qualify for. While incentives and rebates that save you money change month-to-month, your personal competitive edge is something that is static. If you qualify for any of the below discounts, you should definitely bring that up to whoever you’re leasing a car from to ensure that you’re paying the lowest possible price you could be paying.

Loyalty Discount

Loyalty discounts are great because they can save you several hundred dollars just because you happen to really like a specific make! Here, manufacturers reward those who stay within their brand and want to lease a car within the same make of their previous lease.

Conquest Discount

Conquest discounts are pretty much the exact opposite of loyalty discounts. Here, manufacturers will reward consumers who are coming off of a different brand car. The reason is the manufacturer is pretty much trying to buy out their competition and giving you a discount to lease with them instead.

Corporate Discount

Corporate discounts are cool because you don’t even have to do anything to qualify for them – your job does the work for you. If you work for a big company, chances are they have an agreement with a particular car brand and if any of the employees within that company lease a car with them, they get a corporate discount. This can be up to a couple thousand dollars off your MSRP.

Student Discount

This one pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re currently a student, you could qualify for a student discount on your lease, which could knock down a couple hundred off your MSRP. At least school’s good for something, right? (kidding – stay in school, kids).

College Grad Discount

Again – super self-explanatory. If you graduated from a university or college, you could qualify for a college grad discount.

Fleet Discount

These are pretty interesting. In the unlikely case that you, for some reason, need to lease a bunch of cars at once, you would probably qualify for a fleet discount. If, let’s say, your 3 kids all need to renew their lease around the same time; fleet discounts are up your alley.


All in all, make sure you’re getting the lowest possible price for your lease by asking your leasing company if they applied all the necessary discounts that you qualify for.

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