Alright guys, here it is: the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Our number one FAQ is about to be answered. We get it on the phone. We get it on live chat. We get it in person, by email, and by everyone at parties who asks us what we do for a living.

“So…what actually makes Carvoy different than a dealership?”

The answer is simple: our platform.

Our platform has a lot of capabilities and allows us to conduct leases in a way that dealerships simply cannot.

Build & research

We allow users to build the exact car they want, and if they don’t know what they want, they can simply research different makes and models to compare MSRP pricing and specs. We are totally unbiased as to which car you choose as we get all our data from a reliable 3rd party researcher for ultimate clarity. Which brings us to our next point…


We work with a network of around 250 dealers, but that doesn’t stop us from making sure every single dealer is top of the line. We have three rules that each of our dealers must abide by to be eligible to work with us:

  1. The price they give is the price the customers get — to the penny.
  2. The car has to be completely ready the day and time we setup, and all the paperwork has to be ready to be signed when the vehicle is scheduled to be delivered.
  3. There can be no hidden fees — everything has to be disclosed upfront.

When we send you offers and request a credit application, we disclose the discounted MSRP of the car, the VIN, and the lienholder upfront so that you know exactly how much you’re saving in comparison to market value, as well as which specific bank is offering the lease for your specific car.

Our transparency is both our highlight and our pitfall. Because of our unmatched transparency from the very beginning, some customers think that dealers beat our prices, but in reality, they’re using a “bait and switch” marketing tactic. This is basically when dealers will use a ridiculously low price as bait to get you interested, and then switch the price with tons of added hidden fees and taxes due on signing.

Unmatched prices

95% of the time, Carvoy’s price can beat any other price on the market. This is because our experienced Carvoy specialists know exactly what a fair price looks like and what a rip off looks like. Every deal is pre-negotiated for you so that the offers you receive are upfront and ready for approval. Again, we disclose exactly what other people are paying for your car as well as the MSRP (presented by an unbiased reliable 3rd party data provider) to not only ensure the best price but also unbeatable clarity.

Additionally, we don’t even charge an extra fee for our services — we exist for the sole purpose of making you happy.

Unparalleled convenience

Aside from just requesting the car at your leisure, the entire process is the most convenient way to lease a car to date. Average time at a dealership is about 6-8 straight hours whereas with Carvoy, we handle most of the work for you. Credit approval takes place online with the help of one of our client managers. A Client Manager at Carvoy’s sole role is to assist customers through the leasing process and to provide maximum customer service, in case clients get confused or need questions answered along the way.

Once the client is approved, all the paperwork is prepared and double checked to ensure no changes or added hidden fees prior to delivery. We then deliver the car to your house/office/ preferred location and signing is done within 15 minutes. We send a Carvoy specialist to delivery your car so as to answer any last minute questions and show you how to use all the features your car comes with.


All in all, Carvoy is the most convenient, transparent, and cheapest way to lease a car to date. Don’t believe us? Check out our yelp reviews on our site or at We’re not kidding.

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