This is the golden question that everyone who has ever had a driver’s license (and sometimes not even that) has asked themselves – what makes a good car? The problem with this question is that it assumes two things – that everyone who is in the market for a car has the same needs and that every car can be separated categorically into “good” and “bad”. Neither of these things are true. It is absolutely impossible for any one car to embody all the things that go into making a car “good” and, conversely, it is 100% possible for one person to deem a car “good” while another person might deem the same car “bad.” Here are some of the criteria we thought most people take into account when deciding whether a car is good or bad:


A lot of people view this is the number one thing they need in a car. These are the Lamborghinis and the Porches of our generation – the people who don’t look at the price tag when they decide what they want to buy. While some people might think that a car’s speed is of the utmost importance when purchasing car, others (say, standard soccer moms, for example) might not even factor that into the equation.


This is kind of a tricky phrase as there are a lot of things that make a car affordable. Are you referring to the monthly leasing price? The amount you put down on signing? The fuel economy? The maintenance? So while most people only really think about the monthly cost of the vehicle when making affordability their number one priority, there are actually a lot of things that go into making a car affordable that you should definitely take into consideration.


Some people might not give a flying hoot about how a car looks on the outside or its speed as long as it’s a “smooth drive.” What this normally means is that the wheel moves exactly the way you want it to move and that you don’t feel the bumps on the road as you drive over them. Additionally, comfort can include features like seat warmers and fabric used.


This is becoming more and more of a deciding factor for consumers when purchasing a car. Things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are making cruising all the more exciting and progressive. People are able to have all their applications synced right to their car’s display screen and, depending on the car you have, sometimes the display screen is even touch automated. While this is a seemingly luxurious feature, some people won’t even look at a car if they don’t offer it.


Just like in most circumstances in life, people are attracted to the hottest model. If the exterior of the car is attractive to the eye, most people will purchase the car. It’s as simple as aesthetic in this case.


All in all, the things that make a car good differ from person to person, and acknowledging the things that get you going is the first step to leasing your best car yet.

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