It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. While Charles Dickens was probably not talking about car leasing, this phrase has never been more applicable. Leasing a car in today’s world has never been easier, and yet simultaneously has never been more complicated. There are three basic routes to car leasing a car, all with their respective pros and cons and in-betweens.


There is no one who is happier to have a person interested in leasing a car stroll into his or her life than a dealer. This is because dealers typically make a much larger profit from customers who lease than customers who buy. This is pretty much due to the inherently confusing nature of car leasing and leasing terminology.

Dealers also aren’t necessarily looking out for your best interest – they usually have a few leasing companies and banks they work with to offer leasing and they look for the one’s that offer them the highest interest rate. A lot of the time, they’ll also look for deals that allow them to finance the full MSRP of the car so that they can add high margin items. These might add a few dollars to the lease payment, which causes consumers to skim over it, but in the long run these add-ons can cost you up to a thousand dollars or more.


A broker is pretty much an expert on car leasing who works for you, not the dealership and assists consumers in buying/leasing a car. In this case, the consumers don’t even need to go to a dealership at all as the broker locates, negotiates, and picks up the vehicle on behalf of the consumer. The difference between brokers and dealers is that a broker will manage the entire process on your behalf while a dealer will pretty much just guide you to the car of your interest (as well as the interest of the dealer).

While brokers are more convenient than dealers, there is definitely a lot to be improved. First of all, it is hard to tell just how transparent brokers are being with you, as there is no physical interphase for them to communicate MSRP and discounted prices with consumers. Additionally, while you don’t have to physically be in a dealership, you still have to play the cat-and-mouse phone game with brokers which can get frustrating for consumers who aren’t phone-oriented or cannot sporadically engage in phone conversations due to work or other responsibilities.

Online services

Online services are pretty much the most convenient, transparent, and discounted way to lease a car to date. With online services, you can have all the convenience that comes with brokers without the cons. Online services, such as, allow you to build the exact car you’d like to lease (make, model, trim, color, fabric, package options, etc.), select the offer that best fits your lifestyle (zero down on signing, taxes and fees rolled into monthly payments, etc.), and schedule a convenient time for delivery.

The main benefit to online services is an unmatched level of convenience. Everything is done online from start to finish – on YOUR time. Also, because there is a physical interphase for vendor-consumer communication, everything is done with the utmost transparency so that consumers are well aware of where each and every one of their dollars is going.


When it comes to leasing a car, there are a few routes you can take. While they all offer their own pros and cons, online services pretty much offer the most there is to offer. Do yourself a favor and lease online – you won’t regret it.

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