This season has left us all with warm coats, stuffed noses, cold hands, and even colder cars. Which leave us with the question: to garage or not to garage?

A lot of people don’t even consider their garage as a place to store their car, but rather as a place to store, well, everything else. Keeping your car in the garage, however, is actually one of the best ways to keep it safe from external damage. It keeps it away from the sun, the snow, the hail, and potential birds looking for a bathroom. In other words, it offers total protection. Which brings us to our first point:

Total Protection

Keeping your car in your garage protects it from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun which causes paint and fabric color to fade and slowly diminish the lifespan of tires and rubber seals.

Additionally, it won’t accumulate dirt and dust as quickly, which are proven to negatively affect your car’s protective finish.

Also, more importantly, keeping your car in your garage means that you can just hop in it and go in the wintertime. No need to scrape ice off a car that was parked under a roof all night.

Balanced Temperatures

A climate-controlled garage is essential to control the humidity levels in the room and prevent freezing to ensure the best protection. While climate-control is more important for collector’s cars that are infrequently driven, it’s still important to make sure your every-day car is maximizing its protection.

If you don’t have a climate-controlled garage, you can still protect your car by making sure your roof is in good condition and wont leak, and that the doors and windows don’t let a draft in. Make sure the floor of your garage is paved over as well to avoid moisture seeping in and creating a corrosive space for your vehicle

Clean & Organize

If anywhere in your house is at risk of rodents, it’s your garage. They seek warmth and food, but they end up chewing on wires, insulation, upholstery, etc. They do huge damage to vehicles, so do everything you can to seal your garage’s perimeter and keep them out.

Also, keeping all your miscellaneous storage in your garage next to your car will eventually inflict damage on your vehicle’s external paint. Always keep enough space around your car’s perimeter to ensure that people can get in and out without accidentally bumping anything in the process.


Always choose garage. It’s the best and easiest way to prevent damage to your car ahead of time.

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